„Alcomet“ AD received an investment certificate class „A“

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During an official ceremony in the Ministry of Economy, the minister of economy Latchezar Borisov gave the certificate in person to Mr. Emrah Sazak – member of the management board of „Alcomet“ AD.

The project of „Alcomet“ AD is designed to increase production capacity and effectiveness. The company will expand and modernize its production as it’s about to start its collaboration with a big automotive company. For this joint project, the company plans to expands its production base by constructing a new workshop. The amount of the investment is 27mil. BGN and it will lead to 33 new job openings. Thanks to this certificate,“Alcomet“ AD will be able to benefit from financial support to build elements of its technical infrastructure, as well as a partial refund for its expenses in insuring its new employees. It will also benefit from faster administrative and individual administrative services that are necessary for completing this investment project.

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