„Tesy“ has been going ahead of the future for 25 years

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The team of the Shumen-based company celebrated its 25th birthday with a great party


“Tesy” LTD is not only a symbol of the contemporary industry in Shumen, but also a global leader in innovation and in the creation of new solutions for warmth and comfort. The company’s dynamic growth ranks it as a top producer of electric water heaters and domestic heating appliances in Bulgaria and Europe. The company’s portfolio includes 5 factories, over 840 employees, it sells in 54 countries around the world and its production capacity is over 1.2 million water heaters a year. Tesy ranked first as a ‘Favourite brand’ of customers in 2018 among other Bulgarian brands.

‘With enlightened minds and hearts we bring warmth to your life’- this is Tesy’s mission according to its CEO Zhechko Kyurkchiev. Along with his brother Krasen, they founded the company 25 years ago. After a quarter of a century later, they have every reason to be proud that they’ve created a company that stands its ground on the market thanks to innovations and high standards. Tesy’s products are defined by high quality, technical excellency and artful design.

‘We have a history full of successes, positive results, unique technological solutions- said Zhechko Kyurkchiev. But our most important investment is the one in our employees, who work every day mindfully and passionately and demonstrate our corporate values. We have customers in over 50 countries. Over 8.5 million of our appliances are currently in use throughout the world. All of this makes me certain in the future of this company!’

‘25 years ago, we started to dream- said Krasen Kyurkchiev. And we came to the conclusion that we must do something that matters. We have always made it a priority to do what is best not only for ourselves and for our families, but for all of us. I must tell you how, when he was 14 years old, Zhechko made a tractor. Despite the lack of resources, the tractor worked! I must tell you, you’re lucky to have him as a leader and I’m lucky to have him as a brother!…’

The deputy mayor in charge of economic development in Shumen, Rositsa Antonova, read a congratulatory address by the mayor Lyubomir Hristov. ’For 25 years you’ve been establishing high standards in our country and in foreign markets’ -addressing the brothers Zhechko Kyurkchiev and Krasen Kyurkchiev, who are honorary citizens of Shumen. The mayor thanked them for their charitable donations to culture, sport and education as well.

The deputy governor of Shumen Petko Sharenkov also addressed the two brothers: ’What you’ve done through the years is impressive and merits respect and envy from the people that couldn’t achieve it. The governor prof. Stefan Jelev and I salute you for being one of the leading producers of water heaters in Bulgaria and in Europe. We wish you faith, strong will, innovative decisions and greater expansion in new markets!’

On its corporate celebration, Tesy showed that its growth is due to its highly motivated employees. On a big screen, a video of employees was shown singing one of the most energetic songs ‘Great day’. Another memorable event was when a drone took a picture of all the guests at the party, who were arranged so that their bodies would spell the company’s logo as seen from the air.

The popular actress Yana Marinova, who led the celebration, announced the next surprise. The CEO of Tesy, Jechko Kyurkchiev awarded badges and generous cash bonuses to the long-serving employees of the company. Badges made of white gold were given to the general accountant Rena Apostolova and the sales manager Ventsislav Delchev, who had worked in Tesy for 25 years. Gold badges were given to Krasimira Stoyanova, Stoyan Dimitrov and Pencho Kolev, who had worked in Tesy for 20 years. Silver badges were given to all employees who had worked for over 10 and over 15 years respectively.

While playing the happy birthday song, Zhechko and Krasen cut a big cake, and every guest got a slice.

The party continued with the rock band ‘The Foundation’ playing some evergreen hits in new acoustic arrangements.

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